Advanced lightweight satellite products for agriculture

Get instant access to agricultural-related information for any location in the world. A combination of affordable price and easy and quick integration will help you increase the field yields and reduce inputs. Also build your solution to instantly increase the value of your product and open new revenue streams.

Satellite crop monitoring

Current and historical state of vegetation indices such as NDVI, NDRE or EVI and biophysical indices such as LAI or fAPAR for higher yields and easier decisions.


Our line graph lets your users assess crop growth variations, identify growth anomalies, plant maturity, and study the inter and intra-seasonal variations.

Zoning for variable applications

Satellite prescription maps for variable seeding and fertilizing based on long or short term analysis will help your customers with strategic decision making.

Soil moisture

Water availability is becoming a crucial limiting factor for crop yields. Our high resolution soil moisture maps allow farmers to recognise underlying patterns of water distribution in their fields.

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