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DynaCrop API

Powerful satellite crop monitoring for agriculture apps

Increase productivity of your customers by 15–20 %

Easy integration
OpenAPI, examples, SDKs

Multiple format output
Geotiff, png, map tiles, JSON, etc.

Full global coverage
For fields anywhere in the world

First hand experience

Try live demo build on our API

Explore some key functions of our API. Pick up your field, select the dates and go through the information and products that are process on-the-fly. All available functions are described in our documentation.

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Getting in touch with you is our first and foremost priority. If you have any question regarding our service or satellite technology in general, feel free to use our contact form or adress us directly by:

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    Meet the team

    DynaCrop API is being developed by the World from Space company based in Brno, Czech Republic. We are a young and devoted team of geospatial, IT and environmental experts with passion in satellite data and agriculture. We believe that satellite technology is a gamechanger for sustainability of food production. Therefore, DynaCrop pursues the aim to democratize access to benefits of satellite monitoring to all farmers around the globe.

    ESA BIC incube

    H2020 seal of excellence

    Copernicus Masters Winner

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