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Our FEATURED articles

We’re bringing you stories from our work and successful examples of our clients. Dive into the world of satellite agriculture.

earth observationsatellite+1

Time-series is(not) about taking the big step back

4 min.

Remember Cher crooning the 1989 hit song ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’?She probably wishes that she had a time machine on her hands - and although the laws of physics and limitations of the...

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earth observationsatellite

Dynacrop’s eyes in space – satellites we use for field monitoring

2 min.

DynaCrop is bringing information from space to its clients all around the world. But where does this information come from and which satellites are we using? Image by Free-Photos from...

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LAIvegetation indicies

How leaf monitoring from space changed one life in Bohemia

3 min.

Jan is the most common name in the Czech Republic. It is no wonder then that Jan is the name of one of the farmers we recently contacted. He lives in a small village of around 400 people with his...

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How We Use Technology Inspired by Bats to See Water Availability in Fields

4 min.

Bats usually don’t have much of a positive public image. Considered to be bloodthirsty beasts, these small flying mammals are more terrifying than inspiring most people. But without them, our...

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5 reasons Why Farmers Might Massively Turn Their Eyes to Satellite Data in 2021

4 min.

Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the most conservative sectors in the economy. Changes take time, and one must be very careful to become optimistic about certain innovations. Talks about precision...

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NDVIvegetation indicies
NDVI corn

NDVI – The Holy Grail of Vegetation Indices

Jan Labohý

2 min.

NDVI (the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is the most commonly used vegetation index for monitoring crop growth and health state. To find this out, we use a combination of visible light...

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Meet the team

DynaCrop API is being developed by the World from Space company based in Brno, Czech Republic. We are a young and devoted team of geospatial, IT and environmental experts with passion in satellite data and agriculture. We believe that satellite technology is a gamechanger for sustainability of food production. Therefore, DynaCrop pursues the aim to democratize access to benefits of satellite monitoring to all farmers around the globe.

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H2020 seal of excellence

Copernicus Masters Winner

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