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What is DynaCrop?

DynaCrop is a white-label digital farming platform powered by satellite data. It unlocks new levels of precision, productivity, and profitability for farmers worldwide via digital platforms they already use. By leveraging accurate data, algorithms, and AI models, DynaCrop assists data-driven decision-making in farming and enhances the value of digital farming tools. The details are described in the documentation.

Who do we help

   Digital agriculture platforms

   Precision farming services

   Soil sampling companies

   Insurance & banks

   Agtech industry

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Learn more about the use of satellites in agriculture and stay connected with our activities at DynaCrop by following our blogs.

precision farmingtechnology

Introducing DynaCrop Daily Plan in 3-meter sharpness

7 min.

DynaCrop has lately undergone a splendid transition. Its new version is now enriched by a new high-resolution plan: DynaCrop Daily. With that, a single agriculture parcel can be sensed almost every...

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case studiesfield tests+1

Variable rate potato planting, barley seeding, and fertilization: What we learned from our field trials in 2023

7 min.

Field trials in real-world farming settings are crucial for assessing the practicality and profitability of new agricultural technologies. We conducted several field trials with our partner farms in...

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impactprecision farming
soil sampling

Better and cheaper soil sampling with DynaCrop

7 min.

Soil is crucial for farmers because it is the main source of essential nutrients and water that plants need to grow effectively. Soil fertility directly influences crop productivity, making it...

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field testsimpact+1
soil moisture field validataion

Field validation improves our soil moisture product

5 min.

Enhancing the accuracy of our satellite soil moisture monitoring service is one of our top priorities, and we are constantly developing and refining our methods to provide more precise estimations....

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case studiesprecision farming

Watch Precision Ag with Space Data

2 min.

Recordings of the webinar series: E1: Trends for This...

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5 surprising ways how DynaCrop plays its part in achieving SDGs

5 min.

Agriculture and food production have played a major role in the emergence of our civilization and are still among the human activities that are crucial to life on Earth. Access to food is a basic...

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Our team

DynaCrop is a service created by World from Space, located in Brno, Czech Republic. Our team consists of skilled professionals in precision farming, geospatial analysis, IT, and earth observation. With our passion in greentech, we firmly believe that satellite data has the capacity to drive us closer to realizing our vision: digital farming with higher yields, easier decisions, and more joy.

Core values

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