How can field scouting solve problems before they become serious

Field scouting is an important feature that helps farmers make timely, informed and economical field crop decisions. Traditionally, crop scouting allows farmers to check how different areas of fields are growing and to identify potential problems. Traditional methods of field scouting are done by walking through the field and observing crops.

The underperformance in parts of the field could be soil, pest, disease or nutrient related and it is important to find out a source of the problem as soon as possible so it can be solved.

If the problems are recognised soon, the farmer can mitigate them and protect the yield. Problems not found tend to grow and can potentially limit the yield at the harvest time.

Why to use satellite field scouting

There are several reasons, why satellite field monitoring might be a useful tool for farmers:

  • For large fields (more than 20 ha), the personal scouting accuracy diminishes
  • Increase the effectiveness of crop scouting
  • Enabling geo tagging of potential crop problems
  • Get objective and comprehensive addition to your scouting reports
  • Field scouting tells farmers a huge amount about their plants, and can help them to improve yield, and maximize crop efficiency.

Our precision agriculture technology based on satellite data helps greatly when it comes to field scouting. The service allows you to identify potentially problematic places in all of your fields throughout the season in every stage of crop development.

How to use it

  • During the per-seeding, you can see how much weed is growing on your field and how dense it is distributed.
  • For seeding, the soil moisture map is a helpful tool.
  • After seeding is completed, you can check the places where the crop doesn’t begin to germinate. 
  • During the growing season, our service brings you early warning systems that identify early signs of pest issues, soil moisture issues, and other risks that could be mitigated by farmers action. 

On the other side, it is important to note that the satellite service is not designed in a way that field visits should be abandoned as such. Fields should be still monitored, as satellites cannot give you information about all potential threads. However, satellite monitoring provides a whole new perspective of crop monitoring.

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